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[[{{{prevpage}}}|« Article précédent]] [[{{{nextpage}}}|Article suivant »]]


The page name of the previous page
The description or title of the previous page (optional; defaults to "Previous")
The page name of the next page
The description or title of the next page (optional; defaults to "Next")


This template can be used anywhere where next/previous page links are needed in a uniform manner.

This is how to call the template (minimum):
{{Prev Next|prevpage=PreviousPage|nextpage=NextPage}}
Shows up as:
« Article précédent Article suivant »

Now calling the template with the 'name' parameters:

{{Prev Next|prevpage=PreviousPage|prevname=My Previous Page|nextpage=NextPage|nextname=My Next Page}}

Shows up as:
« My Previous Page My Next Page »