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Changes your console level so that you will see only the types of console messages that you want to. Your current console channel is the channel (that the bot is on) from which you can view from the party line, and which channel-specific commands (like 'say' and 'op') take affect on.

Flags généraux

  • j joins, parts, quits, and netsplits on the channel
  • k kicks, bans, and mode changes on the channel
  • m private msgs, notices and ctcps to the bot
  • p public text on the channel
  • s server connects, disconnects, and notices

Masters only

  • b information about bot linking and userfile sharing
  • d misc debug information
  • c commands
  • o misc info, errors, etc (IMPORTANT STUFF)
  • w wallops (make sure the bot sets +w in init-server)
  • x file transfers and file-area commands

Owners only

(these have to be enabled in the config file via "set raw-log"):

  • h raw share traffic
  • r raw incoming server traffic
  • t raw botnet traffic
  • v raw outgoing server traffic


There are also 8 user-defined console modes ('1' through '8').

The mode can also be a modifier like '+p' or '-jk' or '+mp-b'. If you omit the channel and modes, your current console channel and flags will be shown.